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Tranquillity body lotion

nourishing aromatic body lotion

for a deeply nourished and hydrated skin


amaranth oil, trimoist™

how it works

amaranth oil, from the greek "amarantos" i.e. immortal, is characterised by a lipid fraction, featuring mainly triglycerides, which is very similar to the skin antioxidant matrix. the high concentration of oleic and linoleic acid further enriches this oil making it a valuable aid for very dehydrated skin. trimoist™ is a complex that reproduces the three skin's hydration mechanisms: it reinforces the functionality of the lipid coat of the skin with lipophilic substances, it increases the water binding power through hydrophilic substances and it improves skin defences thanks to beta-glucan.


every day, after a shower or bath, to moisturise and leave the skin velvety and pleasantly fragranced

how to use

apply to the entire body and massage in until completely absorbed

200 ml e 6.76 fl.oz.

product image

dermatologically tested - achieved using clean energy