Create your tree and support the global creation of forests!


A tree of you is a game where unique virtual trees, are generated according to the letters of your name or to the message you choose.

Visitors to the website are going to create a virtual forestComfort Zone decided to put this initiative into effect, planting 500 real-life trees that were originally created by our community.



Davines’ goal with A Tree Of You is to further extend company efforts in supporting nature and biodiversity.

Take part in supporting the creation of global forests: watch the clip and follow these steps:

  1. Choose from 5 different trees.
  2. Create your unique tree by writing either your name/surname, a nickname or special message
  3. The virtual tree will start to grow, decorated with leaves, flowers and animals.
  4. Then save your virtual tree, share it on social media and see where it is located on the map, along with all of the other users trees.

Your virtual tree is waiting and thanks to you, a real one will be planted soon!