A day that can change your life


For the third consecutive year, Comfort Zone has the honor of participating in the Global Wellness Day event with the support of President Davide Bollati, Ambassador for Italy and key supporters Barbara Gavazzoli, Davide Manzoni and Cristiano Verducci, who will coordinate the activities of the partner centers as well as the companies and Spas that have decided to join this non-profit project, founded by Belgin Aksoy, Creative Director of Richmond International


The aim of this day, which will be celebrated on 9th June 2018 in over 100 countries, is to stimulate awareness of the importance of living in a healthy and sustainable manner, and to offer simple guidelines that everyone can follow.

For example, these are the 7 steps presented in the Global Wellness Day Manifesto: 

1. Walk for an hour a day

2. Drink a lot of water

3. Do not use plastic bottles

4. Eat healthy food

5. Do a good deed

6. Have a family dinner with your loved ones

7. Go to sleep by 10.00 pm

Actions that are simple but fundamental for physical and mental well-being and, for the specific will of the founder, within everyone's reach, regardless of age, origin and creed, because everyone has the right to live a life in health and serenity.

Numerous Comfort Zone spas and beauty centres throughout Italy have decided to participate in the initiative, thus confirming the adherence to the integrated philosophy and the motto "change your life in one day", launched by the Global Wellness Day program. They will be celebrating with treatments and rituals designed especially for this day.

Among the partners of the initiative are: Costa Crocere, Four Seasons Florence, Belmond Hotel Portofino, GrandHotel Vanvitelli and Pullman Hotel Timi Ama.

The official Global Wellness Italy Facebook page will be activated in the coming weeks with more details on specific programs.