“One day can change your whole life!”



Belgin Aksoy, a successful Turkish entrepreneur in tourism and wellness, after a difficult moment in her life which deeply challenged her health, decided to share her vision with the world: everyone deserves the right to live well! The right and duty to embrace a healthy lifestyle requires a commitment which can start from reflecting and changing our daily habits. In 2012 she founded the Global Wellness Day initiative to ensure this strong message could be experienced by everyone in all continents and influence people’s life as well as Institutions and governments’ policies.

Since then, Global Wellness Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of June to focus on the value of living well, both physically and mentally. It is a day where people from all over the world, of different races, religions and cultures come together and actively improve their lives.

The influence of Global Wellness Day (GWD) extends beyond just a single day. When talking about wellness in our lives, it does not stop at physical wellness; it includes mental, emotional and spiritual health: each deserve special care throughout the entire year and at all ages. This year to celebrate GWD, the invitation is to start by giving ourselves moments to pause and think, clear our mind of daily stresses and bad habits, make peace with ourselves and ‘say YES’ to wellness every other day of the year.

[ comfort zone ] SUPPORT

Since the very beginning Davide Bollati, President of the Davines Group and Founder of [ comfort zone ], has been the Ambassador for Italy for this initiative along with the active contribution of the Key Supporters Davide Manzoni, general manager for the brand, and Barbara Gavazzoli, Director of Communication and Education. In the past years they have involved many of the professional spa partners into special open-air and wellness initiatives. This year the modality has changed but the commitment has remained strong and valuable.


For the first time, the celebration will take place as a 24-hour live stream considering the global circumstance with Covid-19. Across 6 continents and 150 countries, people will come together to engage in an exciting series of events. Ranging from “wingsuit base jump to dance, astrology to nutrition and Muay Thai exercises to plant forward cooking classes” with special guests and influential experts.

From Comfort Zone, Skin Science and Lifestyle Specialist Monica Poli will join the live event for 30 minutes and get into detail about boosting the immune system, exploring the relationship that this natural body defence has with nutrition.








In preparation for GWD, we can all start by the practice of 7 simple steps. Not all steps need to be implemented at once, but to incorporate just a few of them into our daily life on a regular basis can help to truly feel the benefits of living well.

  1. WALK FOR AN HOUR to keep your body physically strong and to boost endorphins.
  2. DRINK MORE WATER at least to keep the brain energized and sharp while also nourishing vital body functions.
  3. DON’T USE PLASTIC BOTTLES to avoid waste that causes innumerable damage to our health and the environment.
  4. EAT HEALTHY FOOD avoiding pesticides and chemicals while choosing nutritious and wholesome foods.
  5. DO A GOOD DEED to break your prejudices and make the world a better place for all to live in.
  6. HAVE A FAMILY DINNER WITH YOUR LOVED ONES disconnect from technology, talk about your day and listen to what they have to say.
  7. SLEEP AT 10:00PM allowing the body to repair and heal itself overnight and to maintain the body’s natural defence.

Make sure to join us LIVE on June 13th to celebrate Global Wellness Day! Register now and tune into the GWD YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts to stream.