All over the world, [ comfort zone ] partner spas and beauty salons are progressively back to work. Barbara Gavazzoli, Director of Communication and Education, explains the brand’s guidelines for the safety of staff and guests.


How are the spa professionals and their guests reacting to the re-open? Are they ready?

We have over 4,000 spa partners all over the world, and for most of them these are the days of re-opening that they have been looking forward to after such a long period in lockdown. In the past months, many have reached out to us for support, to face the times of crisis and uncertainty and, most recently, for guidelines to ensure they could be fully and safely operational. Our response has been free on-line education to ensure they could take advantage of the time they spent at home to upgrade their professional skills, and this week we have published our official guidelines for the re-opening phase.

How did you prepare the safety guidelines?

Our corporate education team has gathered scientific information from our internal and external experts and best practices first from Asia, where the re-opening has happened before any other region, and then from the most authoritative associations such as ISPA in the USA and the UK Spa Association, which I want to thank since they have provided moments of sharing that have been extremely important. Then of course we have tailored our Vademecum according to our brand culture, to not only ensure safety but also our unsurpassed comfort and care for our guests.

What measures do you recommend and how do they fit with your sustainable approach as a B Corporation?

First and foremost safety is the key, and the essential element for everyone: in this scenario staff and guests are equally responsible for paying maximum attention and being ready to cooperate doing whatever is necessary to avoid any risk. Sustainability means more than ever embracing a conscious behavior and protecting oneself, while protecting the whole community.  Then of course a deeper reflection on how to protect nature and therefore our future remains a must. The emergency has imposed some habits and the use of plastic and disposable items which we would have avoided in any other time. The more we behave responsibly the sooner we will be able to go back to a new normal and find alternative solutions.

In terms of specific procedures, our guidelines start from the guest journey and the indications on the booking, which will be a must and of course done in advance: punctuality will be key for both service providers and guests. This will avoid any unnecessary crowding in the waiting area, where extra measures will also be taken for the product experience. We have recommended monodose testers or the use of single spatulas for the full-sized product and of course to sanitize all surfaces every hour. We also strongly recommend that guests leave shoes and personal effects in specific areas, easy to sanitize after each visit.

For the hand cleansing, we have crafted a new Sanitizing Welcome to be performed in the spa room with our “Gel del Buon Auspicio”, a formula with 65% alcohol to follow the OMS standards, and we suggest enhancing it with a few drops of our iconic Tranquillity Essential Oil Blend.

The staff will wear masks, visors or glasses, and gloves: a necessary outfit which will ensure safety but also create a sense of distance. This new ritual will transform the need to clean one’s hands in a moment of empathy between the spa therapist and the guest, and to overcome the discomfort that the all the new measures and protections will inevitably cause.

Will the treatment protocols change?

Our recommendation is to focus on Body and Express treatments, to accomodate as many guests as possible in the limited time that spas will have compared to their regular schedules, since they will have to sanitize the rooms after each guest, although naturally each location will determine this based on their specific regional indications. We envision many guests will be willing to receive all the facials and services they were used to experiencing before, given that the spa provide a very high level of safety and hygiene.

In some countries we also supply specific devices, which of course will be a very good alternative to touch.

We have also created a series of spa@home videos that we are going to make available on our social media and our website to ensure that our customers can benefit from our formulas at home, before and after the spa experience, especially as they might have to wait a few more days before getting an appointment.

How do you see all this will impact the future of professional skin care?

I am sure high-tech will play an even bigger role, as many people will find it more reassuring than hands-on, high-touch techniques, but I also believe many consumers will look for a regenerative, human experience and for natural-origin products that are conceived by companies with an ethical, sustainable, science-based approach, to ensure that while they take care of themselves, they also take care of nature and the community. This is the way we operate and this is what many professionals and consumers look for: a proactive, transformative approach that guarantees one’s wellness while respecting that of the world around them.