Feeling stressed? Try these sustainable arts & crafts projects that will bring all the Christmas magic into your home!

Credit to ok_kate/Shutterstock
Credit to ok_kate/Shutterstock

It may be the cold outside the window or the lights that suddenly cover the city streets: Christmas brings with itself a magic aura, as loved by some as disliked by others. Christmas holidays can contribute to increasing our levels of stress and fatigue, raising anxiety feelings that affect our body and mind balance. To relax and decrease the “defense reactions”, common in stressful situations, we have selected some simple sustainable arts & crafts projects that will save your money on decorations and bring all the Christmas magic into your home!


This simple decoration adds a personal touch in addition to diffusing a purifying and relaxing aroma. Creating it is more than simple; you just need to start in advance (alternatively, use the oven). Cut the oranges into 2 cm slices, and let them dry on the radiator for 1 week, turning them over once in a while. You may also dry them in the oven, on the lowest heat setting, for a few hours. Pierce the slice and insert a colored ribbon. If you have already decorated your Christmas tree, you can still use a vegetable peeler to shape the peel of seasonal citrus such as oranges, lemons, and tangerines into garlands or ribbons.


During Christmas holidays, it’s a seasonal fun time to let ourselves go a little bit more, although still with care and common sense! Favor red wine to hard liquors, which are too rich in sugars and have a higher percentage of alcohol. Plus, you can recycle red wine bottle corks to build these funny reindeer! On the table as a placeholder, on your desk or prancing through your home, these are perfect decorations for Christmas! You only need corks, sticks, glue, small pompoms or berries for the nose, and bows and bells to decorate them. PS: make the holes with a corkscrew!


Use the orange slices and other natural elements as such as pine cones, pine branches, birch logs and sticks to create wonderful garlands and displays.

And under the tree? Comfort Zone designed wellness boxes for any skin need! Their colorful and eclectic design, with wonderful textures, make them the perfect gift for Christmas and the perfect box to enclose whatever you desire throughout the year!