A remodelling & detoxifying at-home spa ritual with Montalcino thermal mud from Castello di Velona.



Surrounded by precious vineyards and ancient olive trees, Castello di Velona Resort, Thermal Spa & Winery is a magical place, secluded from the chaos of everyday life. Built in an ancient castle dating back to the twelfth century, this is the place where the thermal water of our Montalcino Mud flows.


The new Body Strategist’s Bagni di Montalcino Mud is the perfect ally to perform an effective remodelling, detoxifying and cellulite-reducing ritual from home, while dreaming of the rolling hills of Val d’Orcia.

Harnessing the powers of mother nature, the thermal water inside the new Montalcino Mud is sourced from an ancient sea, 250 meters below the surface of a Tuscan volcano. This powerful ingredient featured is known for its natural remineralizing and therapeutical properties that give back vitality to the skin and leave it feeling silky-smooth.

The mud, characterized by its oily gel texture, is sensorially very pleasant and easy to massage into areas with cellulite and water retention. Thanks to the laminaria and fucus brown algae, extracellular water is reduced, having a visible effect on the shape of the body. In synergy, the essential oils of mandarin, orange and peppermint work together to promote a draining action within the tissues and eliminate unwanted toxins, restoring vitality to the skin. Not to mention the refreshing and energizing aroma left behind by the essential oils.

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For a mid-day pick-me-up or some downtime in the evening, the Montalcino mud is ideal to restore energy and vitality - especially when the body is feeling tired and run-down. Boost your home spa ritual to twice a week to ensure visible long-term results.

The Montalcino Mud home spa ritual step by step:

  1. Apply 30ml of the mud into areas affected by cellulite, paying attention to the thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen
  2. In each area, massage the product for at least 3 minutes
  3. Once the massage is complete, cover the area with clear film (any sort of plastic film will do) to lock in the active ingredients
  4. Leave the mud to work for 30 min, and take the time to relax
  5. Remove the product with a warm cloth or rinse off in the shower
  6. For best results, finish with the Body Strategist Thermo Cream or Cryo Leg Gel

Each sachet of the Montalcino mud holds a special piece of Italy, that can only be found among the rolling hills of the Tuscany. Take time to visualize this healing place, slow down, and indulge in your self-care ritual with Body Strategist.