The treatment to wear and ... forget! An intensive effect on skin even for the laziest in the beauty routine


Have you ever heard about "smart-on-the-go masks"? We give you some clues: they are loved by women but they have also conquered men; they are fast, quickly absorbed but ultra-effective.

We are talking about the latest-generation masks, suitable for lazy people or for those who have very little time and just give up the masking routine. They definitely need "prêt-à-porter" solutions: the tissue masks are the beauty treatment for any range of pocket, need and time.

The myth that tissue masks are less effective than the classic ones is widely believed. This is not true. Let's discover more together with Carlotta del Canale, Technical Marketing Manager for Comfort Zone: "The tissue masks are the perfect combination of effectiveness and practicality. It takes only a few minutes for a wellness booster: the tissue is not an enemy, but rather a great plus, especially because of the ‘second skin’ effect. It allows us to do daily activities during the treatment, and the perfect adherence to the face also allows the mask to exert an occlusive action that intensifies the effects of nutrients for the skin. So the substrate in tissue guarantees a greater transport of the active ingredients ".

Moreover, the textile of the mask itself can directly benefit the skin: biocellulose, for example, guarantees hydration and protection. In fact, it is a natural material well-tolerated by skin and contrasts the evaporation of water from the epidermis. Additional bonus: it is a 100% biodegradable material.

The tissue masks also guarantee no wasted product: as they are already pre-dosed inside the textile matrix, there is no risk of applying too much or too little. In this way, both the effects of the treatment and the sensory pleasantness are guaranteed: instant freshness, a feeling of hydration, and innovative textures can directly reach the skin and the senses. And moreover, there is no rinsing required after mask removal.

Are you ready to try a tissue mask? Discover our MASK BAR line and the one that best suits your skin's needs:

WATER SOURCE MASK> A concentrate of hydration for "thirsty" skin. The Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) is the best ally against dehydration! Together with Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid, it enhances the natural ability of your skin to maintain water within it and restores the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin after cleansing.

SKIN PERFECT MASK> Provides immediate elasticity and tone to tired skin, stimulating collagen. The instant lifting effect is guaranteed by the Chicory Oligosaccharides and the Brown Algae extract.

PARTY MASK> Lemon Extract, Vitamin C and Brown Algae: a concentrate of vitality to restore skin with a dull complexion, bestowing radiance in just 15 minutes.