Skin & brain interconnections: Your skin is telling aloud your emotions

Skin tissue is a social organ, always in direct communication with the outside and the brain, that’s why it tracks and reveals your very own emotion.

Skin & brain interconnections: Your skin is telling aloud your emotions

People say eyes are the mirror of our soul; well skin can be even better magnifier reflecting lent of our inner and life choices.  

Wrinkles, expression marks, skin tone and colour, dark spot, even moles can all be visible and tangible memories of our daily life “printerd” on our skin.


It is well known that skin is the most extended organ of the human body; it is our body barrier form the outside and therefore it is affected from the environment we live, but it is as well our external tissue connected with our expressivity, our gestures and our own very inner: emotions.


The skin tissue is being seen in the scientific world not only as a cutaneous tissue, but it’s actually seen as a nervous organ (connected with the receptive apparatus) and a social organ that interact with the rest of the body and of course with our brain.


That’s why in [ comfort zone ] we think it is important to seek for an integrated approach that works from the inside out and from the outside in to improve the human condition and treat the whole body, and not just for cosmetic solution.

Doctor Claudia Aguirre, our Scientific committee Neuroscience mind&body expert gave an introductory speech explaining  the fascinating skin–brain interrelation at the 9th Global wellness summit – an international leading professional dedicated annual event.

Watch the video to understand how you are wearing your own identity on your skin every day.