When, how and why we should use them!

serums, boosters, essences
serums, boosters, essences

Serums, boosters and essences have already conquered an important role in the cosmetic world. Nevertheless, not everybody is clear on how, when and why we should use them!

Starting from the beginning and the basics, we can consider these products the “enhancers” of our everyday beauty ritual. Here we have a short checklist to help know about them and choose the right one.



Every day, before the cream

It is an enhancer, a concentrate of active ingredients that is applied BEFORE the cream. Generally, serums are more powerful and richer in active ingredients than creams. In some cases, the serum’s active ingredients are complementary to those of the creams, creating a synergy that maximizes the efficacy of their combination.   

 Sublime Skin Serum  combined with Sublime Skin Cream or Sublime Skin Rich Cream. guarantees a maximized anti-age effect!



Everyday, before the cream

It is also an “enhancer”, but differently from serums, it has a more targeted action. It is a concentrate of very few active ingredients that maximize a specific effect. Perfect, then, for those who recognize a clear need and are looking for a targeted correction strategy:  there are boosters against skin spots, impurities, or with a detox effect! Considering their purity, boosters call for the use of a cream afterward, in order to complete the beauty routine. Boosters can also be used for limited periods of times or only in specific areas that have specific needs.

Skin Regimen Hydra-Pro Booster is a concentrate of Hyaluronic Acid, the best beauty ally for skins of all ages, and its application should be completed with the favorite anti-age cream. It has a super hydration effect for younger skins and a refill function that reintegrates hyaluronic acid in mature skins that biologically lose their natural reserve.  



Every day, after cleansing, before the serum

Directly from Asia, Essences are products that are both liquid like toners, yet concentrated like serums. It is the first step of the “treatment phase”, necessary after the cleansing. During this phase some of our natural hydrating factors are compromised. The skin enters into an unbalanced state, and it may feel dry or tight. It is in this phase that the Essence comes into play: it normalizes and rebalances the skin through its intense hydrating action, and furthermore, it prepares the skin to optimize the functional elements of serums and products applied afterwards. Indeed, these products penetrate better when the skin is optimally hydrated!

Hydramemory Essence, without fragrances and with 11 hydration activators, is the perfect ally for a complete beauty routine!  


Serums, Boosters and Essences, combined following each individual skin need, create the perfect synergy for the most complete and effective beauty routine!