What do jewelled sandals, long walks on the beach and open-toe shoes have in common? Summer naturally! And a "detail" of the body that we sometimes underestimate: the feet!


We remember them only when sandals and flip-flops come back under the spotlight and summer catches us unprepared.

Here are some little tricks to show off velvety and in-perfect-health feet:

1. Hydration: essential for soft skin, even for feet! Moreover, with moisture, the risk of calluses and dry areas decreases. For an intensive treatment, apply a uniform layer of Foot Specialist Neem Cream once or twice a week, wrap your feet in a towel and let them rest for a few minutes. A real beauty mask!

2. Rest: the pleasure of summer walks can weigh on our feet because of the heat, excessive sweating or improper footwear. Treat yourself to a foot bath with essential oils, such as those in our Tranquillity Oil. Keep your feet "soaking" for 10-15 minutes: warm water promotes muscle relaxation and prepares the skin to better absorb subsequent treatments more quickly.

3. Nails: the essential "accessory" for tidy feet! Nail length and shape are very important: a straight cut without rounded sides is ideal for preventing irritations such as ingrown nails. But don’t cut them too short, so as not to affect their protective function.

4. Massage: for daily treatments, apply Foot Specialist Neem Cream to the feet with a massage, starting from the toes and proceeding with circular movements towards the ankle. The Neem extract and the Shea butter effects will be enhanced by the ritual, and the rotating movements will give new energy, reactivating the circulation.

5. Protection from the sun: the upper part of the foot is one of the areas most exposed to ultraviolet rays, and this can affect the ability of the skin to maintain sufficient hydration. Remember to apply a suitable sunscreen!

6. Appropriate shoes: they prevent and relieve the most common complaints. In summer, even more so than in winter, it is preferable to choose materials that allow the foot to "breathe" and therefore do not stimulate excessive perspiration.