We all have [ two homes ]: our planet and our skin.

Our mission is to create the best conditions to support their [ comfort zone ].  As a [ B Corporation ], we are committed to being the best for the world, creators of good life for all, through [ beauty, ethics and sustainability ].
As skin experts, we help the [ skin’s ecosystem ] reach its optimal balance and vitality in an ever-changing environment. We call it [ the comfort zone of the skin ].

With more than 20 years of [ expertise ], our research laboratory delivers high-end, clean, result-driven, sustainable skincare, combining the best of science and nature, inspired by our [ scientific garden ]. Together with our professional customers we create [ unique experiences ]. Our products are manufactured in our [ Davines Village in Parma ], Italy.

Our philosophy is [ conscious skin science ].
Welcome to [ comfort zone ].
This is home.



CONSCIOUS SKIN SCIENCE™ means a result-oriented, sustainable approach towards both the skin and the planet.

Over 40 scientists including chemists, biologists and dermatologists, supported by a multidisciplinary Scientific Committee and several Universities, constantly work to ensure our formulas and treatments combine innovation, performance and sustainability.


For our clean, result-oriented formulas, targeting all skin conditions and suitable for vegans, we select the finest natural-origin ingredients and the most advanced high-tech molecules and innovative, dermocompatible carrier systems which maximize efficacy and skin comfort.

We choose not to use animal derivatives, silicones, mineral oils, parabens, SLS, artificial colorants and any other ingredient which might be aggressive for the skin or the planet. We are a journey to also remove all ethoxylates and acrylates. Our formulas are tested by dermatologists and their efficacy is clinically proven.


In the Science Garden, our open-air lab at the Davines Village in Parma, Italy, with over 6,000 plants from all over the world, we directly study the botanicals for our future formulas with the support of our internal R&D and international experts.

With the new Sacred Nature, launching in the Fall 2020, we’ll introduce our first proprietary extracts from these innovative researches.


Comfort Zone is the skin care division of the Davines Group, an Italian Family Company founded in Parma in 1983, now guided by Dr Davide Bollati, a pharmacist and cosmetic chemist.

His vision of «Sustainable Beauty» combines performance and sustainability and sustains a regenerative approach to the people and the planet, genuinely and passionately inspiing every day the creations of the products and services distributed in all continents, as well as many environmental, cultural, and social projects.


Since 2016, our commitment to be the change we want to see in the world has allowed us to become a B Corporation, and in 2018 we have renewed our certification with a score of 117,4. This certification implies respecting the highest standards of performance, transparency and accountability to create value for the people and the planet.

Every year we measure and communicate our positive impact on the environment, on our community and on all our stakeholders through our Sustainability Report where we also declare our future objectives.