Celebrate wellness in all its forms with Comfort Zone!


Each precious thing has a special day of celebration… and what’s more important than wellness?
The Global Wellness day was born from this question, and today takes the form of a worldwide celebration dedicated to wellbeing, with non-profit workshops and activities that push people to start living a better and healthier life!

This year, the Global Wellness day will be celebrated on the 10th of June in more than 90 countries. 

The founder of the initiative is Belgin Aksoy, Creative Director of the hotel management company Richmond International.

Comfort Zone and its founder Davide Bollati are the Italian ambassadors of this day dedicated to wellness.
Comfort Zone – Skin Science Soul – was born from the belief that our skin is the mirror of our mental and physical wellbeing, and that we sustain through our integrated approach comprised of products, treatments and lifestyle tips.

In Italy, more than 50 Comfort Zone Spas and centers promote activities related to wellness such as yoga classes, meetings with naturopaths, bike excursions and bio breakfasts!

The Global Wellness Day Slogan is “One day can change your whole life”
so how about starting from the 10th of June?

Bring wellness into your life, and spread the word of Global Wellness Day!


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