In 2016 the Davines Group joined the family of B Corps with a score of 99. In 2020, thanks to the efforts made, we have recertified improving our score up to 117.4 points.


Finally the new score

For the Davines Group, 2019 was the year of B Corp recertification. An important moment that saw the whole company committed to finalise the actions that have been implemented since 2016 with the purpose of improving our positive impact on the planet and on the people. 

The goal was not only that of confirming the B Corp certification and carrying on our journey inside the most important global network of companies that adopt a sustainable business model. 

We wanted to considerably improve the score achieved in 2016. And we have been successful in this: three years ago, our score was 99, in 2020 we have achieved a score of 117.4. 

Click here for our detailed B Corp score.


117.4 is not only a number

It is the confirmation that the Davines Group is committed every day to improving its positive impact on the environment and on the people. This is how we do it:

    - TRANSPARENT GOVERNANCE: This value guides the relations with all stakeholders: transparency in the creation of a Code of Ethics that guides the relations, in the training on inclusion and in the communication with the suppliers.
    - PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Great importance is given to the professional growth of staff through training courses.
    - BENEFITS FOR PARENTS: We support women with an optional maternity leave that grants 60% of the remuneration compared to the standard 30% established by the law.  Also fathers enjoy benefits: 5 days of paid paternity leave in addition to the ones currently established by the law. Find out more on our commitment towards People in the Sustainability Report.
    - 100% CARBON NEUTRAL OFFICES: In 2019 the Davines Group achieved carbon neutrality reducing and offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions of all its branches worldwide.  For more information, read about our Ethiotrees Project.
    - O% WASTE TO DUMPING GROUNDS: No waste generated by the production plant and offices of the headquarters of the Davines Village in Parma is disposed of in dumping grounds.
    - 100% OF WASTE RECYCLED OR RECOVERED: All the waste is treated for energy conversion, whereas only a very small residual part is incinerated. Find out more on our commitment towards the Planet in the Sustainability Report.
    - THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL: The local commitment to benefit the local community through the implementation and development of company volunteer projects and social marketing projects with a positive impact. Would you like an example?Our beach cleaning activities organised with local associations, Davines staff, agents and suppliers!
    - INTERDEPENDENCE: Davines provides support to suppliers and customers in the journey towards the B Corp certification and is committed to creating a network between the Italian B Corps to promote the value of interdependence.  Read our section dedicated to Virtuous Suppliers who have become B Corps. Find out more on our commitment towards the Community in the Sustainability Report.


B Corp, measuring our positive impact

To become a B Corp the company needs to complete a B Impact Assessment, a quantitative procedure that analyses every aspect of the business activity and measures with an exact score the impact on several areas of interest. Only the companies whose score is higher than 80 points out of a total of 200 can become B Corps. 

Davines became a B Corp with a score of 99 in 2016, but certification has a validity of three years, after which the assessment procedure must be repeated to make sure that the sustainability standards have been maintained and improved.  This is what happened at Davines: in 2020 we have improved our score up to 117.4 points.

  “Measuring and challenging oneself to produce an increasingly more positive impact on the people and the environment is a shared feeling amongst B Corps. We believe that in the future there will no
   longer be companies that do not share and implement regenerative actions to give back more than they take.”   Sonia Ziveri  - Davines Chief Sustainability Officer

Why are B Corps different from other companies?

Being a B Corp means believing in an alternative business model where the respect for people and the environment is the focus of every day activities. 

Davines is not only a Certified B Corporation, in 2019 it also became a Benefit Corporation. Let’s find out what these definitions mean.


Its purpose is doing business distributing profits and dividends among shareholders.


Instead, B Corporations choose to distribute the value they create not only among shareholders, but also among all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, the local community where the company operates, the environment.

Davines has been a B Corp since 2016.


When a company decides to become a Benefit Corporation, it reinforces in its by-laws the commitment to operate not only for profit, but also for the benefit of the Planet and the community.

Davines has been a Benefit Corporation since 2019.