The Experience Tour 2018 was more than an itinerant conference, it was a unique chance for the international [ comfort zone ] community to gather, be inspired, share the novelties of our two brands, [ comfort zone ] and /skin regimen/ and celebrate the opening of the new Davines Village in Parma - our new Home of Sustainable Beauty.


We welcomed our Community to places that reflect the highest expression of creativity and care, great value to us, such as Carlo and Camilla in Segheria, in Milan, and Rocca Meli Lupi di Soragna, to a medieval castle garnished with frescoes ceilings and baroque statues, for the Gala Dinner.

And, of course, we also fed the mind during the three days of Conference featuring on-stage international researchers with a cutting-edge perspective on social and beauty changes, as well as a new big product launch.

The four-day journey started in Milan, at Officine del Volo, with a very special evening dedicated to /skin regimen/ with top speakers and a very engaging brand immersion.

Victoria Buchanan, from the Future Laboratory, one of the world’s most renowned futures consultancies, revealed how early adopters think, live and shop and enhanced the importance for modern brands to be truly committed to sustainability and performance. Also, the importance of engaging these new consumers looking for self-optimization and customized solutions.

Dr. Claudia Aguirre, Neuroscientist and Skin Expert, explained the impact of modern life, stress and pollution on the skin and mind and launched the /skin regimen/ ‘fast living/slow aging’ lifestyle guide that she wrote to support urbanites in coping with the challenges of hectic city life.

Barbara Gavazzoli, Comfort Zone Education and Communication Director, interviewed Professor Sgoifo, Stress Physiologist from the University of Parma, who has created an innovative panel test measuring the effects of the /skin regimen/ daily mindful routine. His scientific studies have revealed an improved capability to cope with stress with immediate and long-term results that captured the audiences interest and curiosity. A key element of the formulation that has supported such success is the /skin regimen/ natural functional aroma that has been celebrated with a unique olfactory station where participants could smell and understand the four essential oils and resins contained in this unique blend.

Luisa Poisa, Comfort Zone Head of Marketing, then revealed the brands innovations which will be on-counter in the new year: the new /skin regimen/ Urban Detox facial, and two home care products that specifically purify and restore the skins glow which are the enzymatic powder and the tea tree booster.

The sound track of the evening was curated by Painé Cuadrelli, the Sound Designer who created the Macro Waves Sound which is played during all /skin regimen/ facials to ensure the spa guests mind and body wellbeing.

The following days in Parma were as rich in inspirations and experiences.

An amazing gala dinner at the Meli Lupi Fortress was the perfect conclusion of the Tour of the Davines Village and the ideal prelude to the [ comfort zone ] Conference. The “Joy of Beauty” theme was explored which the brand has embraced as an inspiring motto, and of course, the three founding pillars: skin, science and soul.

Angelica Dass, photographer, shared her project on skin color coding which is an amazing visual metaphor to remind us all that each skin color is different, as much as each person is unique.

Wendy Suzuki, Professor of Neural Science and Psychology at New York University and expert of the effects of workout on the brain function, shared the most recent studies on this topic and some practical exercises to get stronger and happier.

Giacomo Rizzolatti, the Neuroscientists who discovered the Mirror Neurons, was interviewed by Barbara Gavazzoli on the Science of Empathy. Brian Brazeau, General Manager, hosted a distinguished panel made of Lisa Starr, Spa Consultant, Sarah Camilleri European Spa Editor and Astrid Rose from Spa Business for an interesting discussion on future spa trends.

The final focus on the new Sublime Skin Hormon-aging line was guided by Luisa Poisa with the contribution of the corporate team that has been part of the creation of this innovative facial and home care line dedicated to counteract the effects of menopause on the skin and mind.

Last but not least, the Experience Tour was celebrated by Davide Bollati and Paolo Braguzzi, respectively President and CEO of the Davines Group, together with Eric Ezechieli, founder of Nativa Lab and key supporter of the company’s B Corp Certification process. It was a special evening dedicated to the theme of Sustainability to conclude the event.

"Preserving Nature”, said Davide Bollati “is a must to give a future to the planet and to the new generations. This is why we are committed to declining this in all our company projects and to engage our community of partners, suppliers and end consumers".

A special moment had been dedicated to Silvana and Gianni Bollati, founders of the Group, to thank them for their dedication to the world of beauty professionals and to Belgin Aksoy, founder of Global Wellness Day, an international initiative supported by [ comfort zone ] along with many spas in Italy and across the World.

The Acroyoga performance by Matt Giordano and Rebecca Rasmussen with the voices of the Chorus Artists of the Teatro Regio in Parma added a very special touch to this extraordinary event.

So many good memories to take home while already looking forward for the next Experience tour in 2020 when Parma will be named the Capital of Culture… Stay tuned!

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