Together with its extraordinary colors and hues, Autumn is the season which precipitates some unwanted changes in our skin and body which can be corrected with a little TLC.



It is widely acknowledged as the season synonymous with beauty, transition and awe-inspiring colours but unfortunately the autumnal months and their sightliness are not able to eradicate the unsightliness of bags under the eyes which Autumn is renowned for!

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than other parts of the face and body and it is therefore the first area to show signs of how seasonal change can put a strain on our balance! Compounding Autumn's propensity to bring out dark circles under our eyes, other negative lifestyle habits, a lack of sleep and excessive screen time at work wreak havoc with this fragile skin. Unsurprisingly fatigue and dry skin leave their mark and accelerate the loss of tone and the onset of wrinkles.

But do not fret, here are 10 tips to try out to help your eyes pass the Autumn test!

1. Maximise moisture
Drink lots of water - at least 2 litres a day - it's a natural remedy to help correct dark circles and puffiness.

2. Protect yourself from harmful rays
Even when the weather is grey or cloudy shield yourself from the sun's rays which are present in any climate. Wear sunglasses and a SPF30 sunscreen which is also ideal for winter!

3. Try some simple home 'cryotherapy'
Ice helps to speed up blood circulation and reduce swelling and redness. Keep some ice cubes in the freezer and when you feel the need for a pick me up, place the ice cubes wrapped in a cotton handkerchief under the eyes to give you a fresh, new look.

4. Limit your intake of salty foods and alcohol
Such foods and beverages cause swelling and water retention ... even under the eyes! And if you just happen to overdo it, start again from Step 1!

5. Sleep in the right position
Sleeping on your left side or on your stomach can cause an accumulation of fluid under the eyes. Try to sleep on your back or on the right side to avoid aggravating the heart and place a pillow under your head to further increase the drainage of fluids.

6. Apply creams and cosmetics with your "ring" finger
The ring finger is the weakest finger on the hand and by using this finger with a more delicate touch you will help prevent any potential microtraumas that can cause the onset of marks and shadows.

7. Choose the right eye cream
For swelling around the eyes and to stave off the first signs of ageing, Skin Regimen Juvenate Eye Balm is perfect. It can also be used on the upper eyelids thanks to its light texture. The formula is based on Longevity Complex and Caffeine and its benefits include contrasting the intensity of the blue and red pigments and brightening and renewing the eye. If, instead, the eyes show more profound signs of ageing and stress the Sublime Skin Eye Cream is recommended due to its capacity to stimulate collagen and elastin thanks to Plantago Lanceolata (a species in the plantain family). From the very first applications the lifting results are visible. For the effect of dark-blue circles - caused by bilirubin - Sublime Skin Eye Cream contains a special peptide which stimulates enzymes to eliminate bilirubin and in turn render the eyes more youthful and rested.

8. Don't discard your teabags
A warm cup of tea is a perfect treat in the autumnal months but don't throw your teabag out: allow it to cool in the fridge and when you feel your eyes are puffy and tired apply a chilled teabag under each eye for 5 minutes while lying down.

9. Herald the year of the patch!
These little miracle makers are the trend of the year thanks to their concentrated formulas and fast-acting properties. Try our Sublime Skin Eye Patch first thing in the morning if you didn't get a good night's sleep or even before an evening out when you need a little  "wow" factor in a few minutes!
10. The final trick
Choose a concealer which is slightly darker than your skin tone. The yellow-based concealers are suitable for camouflaging dark circles that have a purplish aspect while the orange-tone concealers suit dark circles characterised by a more bluish hue.