We can't stop the flow of time, yet we can do our best to keep our skin beautiful. How? 


Limited and scarce by definition, time is surely the most precious resource of our era. Who in their mind has never dreamed of slowing it down or even stopping it? Impossible to stop, time gives us experiences, memories and emotions, leaving lasting signs on our skin; our body’s largest organ, it is the diary that tells our story.

We can't stop the flow of time, yet we can do our best to keep our skin beautiful. How? To intervene with efficacy and to optimize the results, it comes fundamental to know our enemy: skin ageing.

Therefore we asked Carlotta Del Canale, Technical Marketing Manager at [ comfort zone ], to tell us more about the main ageing processes, that are not necessarily the same for everyone and that can happen for different reasons, depending on age, lifestyle and genetic makeup.

It is possible to define two different macro-typologies of ageing causes that are strictly interconnected:

  • Inflammaging: this is the ageing caused by inflammatory processes. All skin types are indeed subject to many kind of inflammation, not always visible, and that can become chronical, weakening the structure of skin tissues. The inflammaging phenomenon reduces the cells metabolic activity, slowing down the skin capacity of regenerating itself: then it loses elasticity and tone, by giving the appearance of wrinkles. The application of specific cosmetic products can help to prevent and sometimes slow down this ageing process. The Longevity Complex™, contained in the anti-ageing Skin Regimen line, represents [ comfort zone ]’s answer to inhibit those factors that accelerate inflammatory processes and therefore ageing;


  • Alteration of the skin architecture: is a subsequent phase of ageing, more or less visible depending on age and individual lifestyle, during which skin tissues are impoverished, causing the alteration of the face structure. If we think about the components of our skin, we can indeed compare them to parts of a real architectural structure, that with age can show signs of “failure”. The skin is naturally rich in:

    • Water: It is the main component of our skin, because it constitutes 70% of derma and 30% of epidermis. As time goes by, the quantity of water in the derma diminishes, causing an emptying of the skin, that then appears less soft and more wrinkled. Ialuronic acid plays a fundamental role, due to its capacity of retaining water like a sponge, by replumping the tissues with a filler effect;
    • Lipids: they give roundness and tone definition to the face. With time these tend to diminish as well, by making the face weak and less toned;
    • Proteins: they represent 68% of the cells and tissues’ dry weight. Their role is essential for the skin architecture: structural macroproteins such as collagen and elastin are substances that allow the skin to maintain compactness and elasticity.

Is it possible to intervene in cosmetic terms on these three skin pillars to correct the signs of ageing that are already visible? [ comfort zone ] laboratories are preparing an innovative solution to take care of the skin architecture.

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