Herbs becoming more popular in Spa

Herbs becoming more popular in spa treatments and products

Herbs becoming more popular in Spa

Comfort Zone Communication adn Education Chief Barbara Gavazzoli explains the reasons why.

"After years of great interest for exotic plant extracts, I think the “sustainability factor” has played a key role in making ingredient manufactures and skin care companies to “look in their courtyard” and locally source botanical extracts from plants which were considered banal and almost useless simply because we are used to find the easily. Instead, studies prove they are as effective, if not even more than the rarest ones", says Barbara Gavazzoli.

What are some lesser known herbs that are popping up in Spa product and treatments today and their benefits?

"Two very interesting examples, - replays Comfort Zone Communication adn Education Chief. Plantago Lanceolata, an ancient plant that prevents the signs of senescence by regulating microRNA. This is the result of a robust scientific study that has proven the extraordinary effects of this slender plantain herb found on the most continents. All its parts are edible, which makes it an ideal element for salads and soups, but it is also the source of an extract which has just recently become a very effective support to contrast oxidation and to increase collagen synthesis. We chose to use it in our Comfort Zone Sublime Skin  for mature skin to guarantee an effective firming effect and contrast dermal thinning.

Another amazing “new” ingredient is Wild Indigo Extract which is able to modulate excess cortisol and boost beta-endorphins, which are both produced not only by the brain and the gut, but also directly in the skin.

Our lifestyle, as well as external factors tend to stimulate an excessive production of cortisol, causing inflammation and accelerated aging. Wild Indigo, by boosting the beta-endorphins, recreates a state of balance and therefore protects the health and beauty of the skin. We use it in our Skin Regimen line which has been officially launched worldwide on February 1st this year"

What are some way spas can incorporate herbs into all aspects of the spa experience?

"Every Spa can incorporate herbs in their menu when it comes to facial skin care ingredients or teas which can be of offered pre- or post the treatments. - says Barbara Gavazzoli - And for those that also offer body, that are many ways to mix and match herbs powder to make special wrappings or the famous Thai herbal balls.

Can you offer any unique ways for spas to market and promote these herb-related treatments and products?

"I would definitely suggest to take the local-sourced, sustainable angle when presenting them to ensure that they stand out not only for their efficacy but also for their source".