Longevity science to read

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Skin longevity and beauty
Skin longevity and beauty

What happen to our body to make it aging?
Which are the internal or external causes able to fasten the aging processes? 
How can we interpret the visible symptoms?
Expecially, can we act to prevent the skin attritions, extending our physical ability to be healthy expressing our optimal beauty?

There is a lot to discover about our body and everyone must learn how to take responsibility for his or her own longevity and contribute towards maintaining optimal health; it’s never too late.

This is the reason behond Skin Regimen and the creation of an ESSENTIAL LIFESTYLE GUIDE.

Enjoy reading a primer on the Aging Process with a focus on the Science of Longevity - which we consider a new era in Skincare - as well as a short giude on the beauty and health connection with some key lifestyle tips easy to adopt.