When we think about menopause, mood swings, hot flashes, accelerated aging and the loss of fertility are the first thoughts to enter our mind. Is this really the only way to live this important part of our life?


Of course not! Every age has its beauty: we just need to truly understand the specific needs we have to find the right solutions and menopause, more than other phases, implies changes that require an expert support to be fully understood and taken care of.

 “Menopause is a life stage that is fuelled by hormonal changes – explains Dr. Alyssa Burns Hill, Hormone Health Specialist and [ comfort zone ] scientific committee member - and these go to the core of being a woman. These changes impact a woman’s sense of herself and her relationships. This is a time when she realizes that it is much more important to look after herself if she wants to stay looking and feeling good.”

As we enter menopause, it is true, the hormonal fluctuations affect our bodies, energy levels begin to decrease, weight management becomes more difficult and it is common to feel a loss in our sense of self.

Hormones are like messengers, they influence all our cells as well as our emotional sphere. With the advent of menopause, estrogen and progesterone levels drop and this causes a mind, skin and body anarchy.

The sense of being unable to control is the first discomfort and even looking at ourselves in the mirror reveals an acceleration in the signs of aging, which we can define as Hormon-aging™. Fibroblasts, in charge of collagen production, lose their efficiency and the skin barrier is weakened. The skin surface is not the only one affected: due to Vitamin D deficiency both the upper and lower jaw bones progressively lose their shape along with the fat redistribution from the upper parts of the face to the lower parts of the face cause the sagginess we all want to counteract.

“During Menopause - has shared with us Dr. Maria Bucci, Dermatologist and [ comfort zone ] scientific committee member - we need to protect the skin with oil-based textures that are able to immediately nourish and restore the skin barrier and provide it with natural ingredients that can stimulate the skin’s cellular vitality. Restoring skin firmness and compactness has to come from within!”

Innovative textures are now available which combine the effectiveness of serums with the richness of oils and biotechnology is now able to get the best out of plants and marine elements to improve cellular efficiency and communication. Even simple plants we eat every day, such as chicory for example, enshrine powerful components able to reinforce the skin barrier and compensate the effect of reduced levels of vitamin D.

And how about food and exercise?

A healthy lifestyle during pre-menopause and menopause can make all the difference! Keep moving to maintain an active metabolism and to control weight fluctuations. Regular exercise also helps stimulate well-being hormones to reduce mood swings and depression. Feed your body with supplements such as Omega 3, Vitamin D and Magnesium Supreme to support the immune system and balance mood and sleep. Drink plenty of water to eliminate unwanted water retention and fight against the thinning, sagging and dryness of the skin. A wholesome diet that is filled with proteins, fibres and vegetables can help maintain energy levels that are diminishing and preserve the overall health of your body and skin. Finally, reduce the consumption of alcohol, coffee and sugars to decrease the risk of illnesses and control fluctuating weight. These lifestyle tips can help us all confront the inevitable, dynamic and frightening change that is menopause, so instead of fearing it, let us embrace it.