Neuroscience and Beauty

What is Beauty, and through which senses is it perceived? Can we talk about universal Beauty?
Claudia Aguirre, neuroscientist and skin expert, gives us the answers!

Credit to Soul wind/Shutterstock
Credit to Soul wind/Shutterstock

At the Global Wellness Summit 2016, Claudia Aguirre, part of the [ comfort zone ] Scientific Committee, participated with a speech regarding Neuroaesthetics, the Neuroscience of Beauty.

Through the example of music, Dr. Aguirre showed how the perception of beauty does not only rely on the eyes, but it is activated also by other senses.

According to recent studies of neuroscientists, our brain would process beauty in a specific manner, different from, for example, the one of sound. Is beauty then in the eyes of the beholder? Probably not, for our brain is able to acknowledge beauty beyond cultural norms.

In our society, where relations pass more and more through robotics and technology, and hyper-connection often turns into distance, the concept of Universal Beauty acquires a meaning more important than ever: giving us chills and thrills to keep us close and connected.

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