"Sorbet" technology: water-based beauty routine

Investigate with our skin expert the science behind water texture trend for the summer beauty routine.

Science behind water-based texture skin care products
Science behind water-based texture skin care products

In recent years, the East has been the source of many amazing new discoveries thanks to a tradition of care and beauty that leads women to have impressive beauty routines with the daily application of 7 – 10 products in a row! It goes without saying that this routine has led to the development of special textures that enable the overlapping of several products for extended comfort.

This is the context that has given rise to the so called sorbet or water based technology, which is highly appreciated also by Western consumers who, though being far from such extensive beauty routines, appreciate its improved sensory pleasure and perceived effectiveness.

Formulated with a high percentage of water, on average 10-15% more compared to a standard emulsion, these textures stand out for a deep and rapid absorption that immediately quenches skin’s thirst.  Widely exploited to moisturise, water-based textures use a new approach to restore the water content in the skin, which is different from the more traditional one of lotions that slow down water evaporation by creating a barrier. 

These modern textures do not need specific active ingredients with a refreshing action because they are naturally fresh themselves. Light and not oily, they enable the overlapping of several layers to adapt and customise the right level of moisturisation. Unisex, they are particularly recommended in warm and wet climates, for young and oily skins. Furthermore, these formulas stand out for the high percentage of natural ingredients and for their sustainable production: the use of high temperatures, which have a negative impact on the environment, is indeed avoided since it may alter the quality of some ingredients.

For the new [ comfort zone ] Hydramemory moisturising line, we have chosen innovative sorbet or water based textures that quench the thirst immediately giving a sensation of freshness and “a fall of water” for the skin.

The true innovation is the absence of silicons, replaced by a pool of oils that offer the same silkiness and the rapid absorption of these components that are “inert” by nature, but at the same time moisturise and carry out a beneficial and effective action on the skin.

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