We all know them (alas!) but we do not always know why they occur and how to minimize them. The key? Prevention, and the right in-spa treatment can really make the difference.


Stretchmarks are an alteration of the deepest skin layer, the derma, and have the look of longitudinal and parallel striping. They are similar to scars appearing most often in the inner thigh, belly, hips, breast, gluteus, and they can occur at any age. Reducing them to being simply a consequence of pregnancy is restrictive, such as thinking they are only a women’s problem!

The appearance of stretchmarks is always a consequence of a body transformation: a variation of weight, a new life, a moment that “drains” and strains us mentally and physically.

“Stretchmarks”, explains Antonella Latilla, Comfort Zone’s International Spa Treatment Development and Education Master, “are a consequence of often deep skin structural damage: the fundamental substance that supports the tissue inflames and changes, it slows down the process of collagen and elastin formation, the carrier wall of our skin, until provoking unpleasant and irreversible striations.”

We can think of the skin as a “mattress” composed of different substances in which each has a precise role. Collagen and elastin are the springs that maintain this mattress elastic. If the substances in which the springs are contained is not healthy, nourished and dense, the springs deteriorate and are not able to do their job properly in some areas. This is how wrinkles are born, and where the superficial structure of skin “breaks”, stretchmarks occur.

The right approach to fight stretchmarks is prevention.

At home, it is fundamental to hydrate the skin daily and apply the right products, such as BODY STRATEGIST D-AGE CREAM, keep the skin elastic and soft. In addition, it’s important to have a healthy, nutritional diet and lifestyle.

The right in-spa treatment can be the key to really make the difference, especially for those who have a genetic predisposition where this skin flaw frequently occurs.

<strong>But how often should we go to the spa for a treatment?</strong>

Antonella Latilla recommends 2/3 treatments per week in the attack phase, and once per week in the maintenance one. It should be a regular practice, because the psychological and biological benefits are evident. In addition, even if frequent treatments cannot erase the ripples, making the surrounding skin areas stronger and structured helps to make the skin flaws less noticeable.

The right treatment? BODY STRATEGIST FIRMING

The treatment”, Latilla explains, “is composed of a scrub phase that smooths the skin surface with micro-granules of jojoba and silica (Body Strategist Scrub), stimulates the cell renewal and awakens tissue. Following, we apply a biphasic regenerating mask, based on a Polynesian oil, Tamanu, with a powerful repairing, healing and anti-inflammatory action, and on Green Walnut extract, rich in polyphenols and with a strong antioxidant action. After 20 minutes we use a brush to apply Body Strategist Oil, rich in vitamins and antioxidants for a targeted and intensive action.  When the absorption is complete, we massage the entire body with Body Strategist D Age Cream, full of boswellic acid, which stimulates the production of fibroblasts and contributes to the slow-down of skin’s aging.”

A panacea for the skin, perfect for anybody, which gives a concrete help to prevent stretchmarks and to make this skin flaw less visible.